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The scene in which, in a flashback of Truman's youth, his wife Meryl is shown flirting and being very inquisitive towards Truman, we sympathise with Truman. We realise she is merely an actor playing a role, in which she was placed, she had no real emotional feelings for Truman.

Analysis Of Truman 's ' The Truman Show '

She is just playing the role of his wife and thus Truman's sense of love is distorted. Truman's lack of the right of freedom of choice is enhanced when Sylvia, a woman that tried to convince Truman that he was a character trapped in a TV show, is taken away.

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She is forcibly removed from the set and in a close up of Truman's confused face, followed by long shot in which Truman stands alone on the beach as the car is driven away we become fully aware of the control that Christof holds in his ability to manipulate Truman's emotions. Thus we identify with him, in a common need for ethical decency.

His best friend Marlon highlights the falsity of the life he leads. The intense scene in which Marlon and Truman are sitting side by side on the pier, their faces dimly lit, accompanied by evocative and ironically sentimental music, heightens the viewers sympathetic response. This deliberate irony that the audience is privy to, allows the audience to sympathise with Truman, as we realise the extent to which Trumans emotions are being manipulated. The people he relies on and holds closest are the very people deceiving him.

The reality is that all the relationships that Truman is involved with are contrived.

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Truman is denied his own rights to freedom of choice. Truth for Truman is established through the deceit and forged life that he has been placed into. He is being misled into believing the lies that have been constructed for him to keep him unaware of the real events occurring around him. The scene in which Truman discovers the object that falls from the outer fringes of the dome, is followed by a long shot of Truman's puzzled face.

This, as the audience is aware, is a camera but to disguise this fact from Truman it is backed up by a radio broadcast in which a falsified explanation is given to cover up any suspicions that Truman may have. We are able to sympathise because we as the viewer are aware of the manipulation taking place allowing Truman to accept what he is being told.

The scene in which Truman's father is reintroduced in a tearful reunion, in a fog on a dimly lit pier, enhanced by the emotive music increases the overall feeling of deceit. Christof exploits Truman in manipulating his feelings and concealing the truth from him. This is done in an effort to sustain his perfect TV soapie and keep Truman oblivious to the falsity of the life he leads.

As the movie progresses the crew makes mistakes that cause the seamless illusion to break down and thus Truman figures out that his surroundings are full of staged scenes in which he discovers a camera crew behind an elevator. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Full Name Comment goes here.

The GP Tutor: The Truman Show - Conclusion

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Philosophy Paper on the Truman Show and Plato

No notes for slide. Moreover, it represents the question of how does media influences the society? According to Debord, one of the main aims of the Show business is to distort and to blur out the ingenuity of the system and furthermore, he claims that the Show is all about consumption and commodity. This shows us that media commence transforming the life into a voyeurism using the audience.

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Bearing in mind the previous points, as the real audience of The Truman Show, we might have opinions on the fictional viewers that they let themselves to media's hands. However, this movie is also a product of that media which means these critics that we did also was designed, planned and produced by that consumptionist way of thinking.