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If we look at the positive effects of globalization, there are four main benefits that it has brought us, and many people tend to take them for granted. The current level of competition in the market is one obvious result of globalization. Competition on a global scale leads to products and services of higher quality. When customers have more options to choose from, their demands also tend to grow, and companies have to react to these new expectations.

Domestic companies who wish to survive in the market have to increase their standards to satisfy their customers and be on par with foreign competitors.

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In addition to increased competition, globalization has generated more efficient markets and stabilized security. Every market should strive to be efficient. In general, the market is efficient when there is an equilibrium between what buyers are willing to pay and what sellers are willing to sell for their goods and services. If companies can improve the way they produce a good or service by outsourcing their processes or by buying from a supplier that offers a discount, they can then lower their prices which increases demand and affordability.

Because in our globalized world countries depend on each other, they are unlikely to attack one another. In this way, the economic interdependence of globalization has resulted in stabilized security.

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In the same process, human rights have been improved. There is now wider media coverage and attention from all over the world when violations of these rights emerge. Globalization itself cannot be held responsible for the poverty in the developing world.

It has more to do with poor governance and economic policies and ineffective reforms. There is also no evidence that trade can increase poverty or reduce growth.

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In contrast, when countries open up to trade, their growth tends to accelerate and their standards of living tend to increase. The benefits of the growth in developed countries also trickle down to the poor countries. This is because globalization has such a large-scale impact on different levels, changing, for example, technology and the macroeconomic conditions. There is also no data available about the general well-being of people in these countries. When it comes to the social effects of globalization, one must look at the environmental damage, insecurity of the job market, and fluctuating prices.

Globalization Essay

Globalization leads to increased production which means increased utilization of natural resources. More trade also means increased transport and using more fossil fuels. All of this creates pollution and accelerates climate change which has become a serious threat to humanity. The increased competition in the markets has resulted in a fluctuation in prices. Developed countries have been forced to reduce their prices in order to remain competitive against countries such as China which can produce the same goods for a fraction of the cost.

Globalization has also changed the job market, and now jobs in the global economy are more insecure and temporary. This has mostly affected developed countries where companies can outsource some of their processes, especially manufacturing but increasingly also functions such as customer support. As a result, many people in the western part of the world are losing their jobs.

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    Whether aware of it or not people everywhere are witnessing and contributing to …. Globalization in short, points to the whole effort towards making the international global community act as though they were a single village. Goods that were only found in Western countries can now be found across the globe. Under-developed countries and regions can enjoy the benefits of scientific advances and industrial progress, previously only available in developed countries, for the improvement and growth of their own countries.

    We can say it as internationalization which is a great combination of both, the globalization and the localization. It is very hard to decide whether the revolution of global marketplace is beneficial or harmful to the humanity. It is still a big confusion. However, it is also tough to ignore that globalization has created greater opportunities to people worldwide. It has changed status and way of living of people in the society to a great extent.

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    It is hugely benefiting the developing nations by providing various developmental opportunities. If we take it positively, it may eradicate the regional diversity and establish a homogenized world culture. It is supported by the information technology and show huge interaction and integration among businesses, companies, government and people of various countries.

    Globalization has positively and negatively affected the tradition, culture, political system, economic development, lifestyle, prosperity, etc. In the last few decades globalization has been very fast which has resulted in the worldwide economical, social, political and cultural integration through the advancement in the technologies, telecommunication, transportation, etc. It has affected human lives in both positive and negative manner; its negative effects are needed to be addressed accordingly.

    Globalization has contributed a lot to the worldwide economies in various positive ways.

    Globalisation essay

    Unbelievable advancement in the science and technologies has given amazing opportunity to the businesses to easily spread across the territorial boundaries. Just because of the globalization, there has been huge economical growth of the companies.

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    They have been more productive and thus given rise a more competitive world. There is a competition in the quality of products, services, etc. Successful companies of the developed countries are establishing their foreign branches to take advantage locally through the low cost man labor than their home countries. Such type of business activities are giving employment to the people of developing or poor countries thus giving way to go ahead.

    Together with the positive aspects of the globalization, negative aspects are not forgettable. There has been risk of epidemic diseases by means of transportation from one country to another. There has been proper control of the government of all countries on the globalization in order to reduce its negative impacts on the human lives. Globalization is a process of worldwide spread of science, technologies, businesses, etc through the means of transportation, communication, and trade.

    Globalization has affected almost all the countries worldwide in various ways such as socially, economically, politically, and psychologically too. Globalization is a term indicating fast and continues integration and interdependence of countries in the field of business and technologies. The effects of globalization have been seen on the tradition, environment, culture, security, lifestyle, and ideas.

    There are many factors affecting and accelerating globalization trends worldwide. The reason of acceleration in the globalization is because of the people demands, free-trade activities, worldwide acceptance of markets, emerging new technologies, new researches in the science, etc. Globalization has huge negative impacts on the environment and given rise to various environmental issues like water pollution, deforestation, air pollution, soil pollution, contamination of water resources, climate change, biodiversity loss, etc.