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Lincoln did not want Reconstruction to be a long, drawn-out process; rather, he wanted the states to draft new constitutions so that the Union could be quickly restored. Radical Republicans, on the other hand, wanted the South to pay a price for secession and believed that Congress, not the president, should direct the process of Reconstruction. The Radical Republicans saw serious flaws in Civil War—era southern society and were adamant that the South needed full social rehabilitation to resemble the North.

Many Republican Congressmen also aimed to improve education and labor conditions to benefit all of the oppressed classes in southern society, black and white. In the end, Radical Republicans in the House impeached President Andrew Johnson in because he repeatedly blocked their attempt to pass radical legislation. Had Lincoln remained alive, he might have been in the same position himself: he wanted Reconstruction to end quickly and did not necessarily favor progressive legislation.

Indeed, Lincoln had made it clear during the Civil War that he was fighting to restore the Union, not to emancipate slaves. It is likely that Lincoln thus would have battled with Congress over the control of Reconstruction, blocked key Reconstruction policies, and met as vindictive a House as Johnson did All three thus played a role in ending Reconstruction. The executives bribed dozens of Congressmen and cabinet members in Ulysses S. The scheme was eventually exposed, and many politicians were forced to resign.

When the Depression of struck, northern voters became even less interested in pursuing Reconstruction efforts. Unemployment climbed to 15 percent, and hard currency became scarce. With pressing economic problems, northerners did not have time to worry about helping former slaves, punishing the Ku Klux Klan, or readmitting southern states into the Union.

Meanwhile, the federal state restarted Southern soldiers returned from the war and found their houses in the debris. Many people lost their homes, land, business, and lifestyle. Many people in the south are faced with starvation due to high food prices and poor crops. The southern forces' money used by people in the south are now useless. The second economic success of reconstruction can be seen in the rebuilding of the Southern economy. The Civil War brought serious damage to the south, hundreds of thousands of people died, destroyed the southern natural landscape and actually destroyed the southern economically.

Even if the South won the Civil War, many of the southern states went bankrupt and the currency used by the southern government had not received support from hard assets, but promised payment to holders after the war. It is for reconstruction that the south is economically affordable to restore the southern economy. This bill requires that most people swear that they have never endorsed the Confederate army. The Wade Davis law also requires more free rights, such as voting rights, holding a position, ownership of property, presentation of court evidence.

Lincoln wants to easily transition to a unified country and use pocket veto to continue his plan. Unfortunately, Lincoln was assassinated a few months after his decision, and his successor, Andrew Johnson, took over as President. Success and failure of reconstruction brought many lessons to our time. This era does not mean that 4 million people are freed from slavery, the deep racial prejudice caused by slavery is not abruptly eliminated, but the political or economic equality of former slaves persisted It did not guarantee.

However, reconstruction also shows the possibility of transitioning beyond racial discrimination to a more just society. Those white Republic who shared racial prejudices in their society but reworked the national law and constitution so as to incorporate the ideals of equal citizenship stimulate our own passionate era Should be given. Mobilizing former slaves and asking them to be Americans is an example of how ordinary people can help change history. Reconstruction is a period when it is necessary to unify the country peacefully after the civil war.

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The rebuilding period lasted about 2 years from to There are many successes and failures in rebuilding. One obvious achievement is reunification of the country. Another big success is I think that I am the best success, but slave freedom. At the end of the Civil War, the slaves finally became free. Through reconstruction, there are some actions that have to pass yet, eventually giving African Americans full citizenship.

The first act is "the thirteenth fix" which actually releases slaves from their master.

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Among the many trials and hardships that arise in the process of reconstruction, we are faced with judging whether it is a success or a failure. Many good things and bad things are happening in rebuilding. Just like projects of this size, several regressions and tragedies have occurred. The whole process generally succeeded. Although setup is not completed. The bill changed the flow of history.

As for this project In , under the rule of Abraham Lincoln, the rebuilding of the president began in each state after the Federal Army governed most states. The usual end date when compromise saw the collapse of the last Republican state government is In , the civil war ended at last.

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Essay on Was The Reconstruction A Success Or A Failure -- American Histo

The war of five years is the most destructive and painful experience in this country. The coalition was saved and slavery was over, but the Navy was defeated by the union army, occupied, destroyed and fell into frustration. Public buildings, individual houses, farm buildings were burned, railroads were eradicated, cotton was destroyed, and the earth was burned in many parts of the land that was defeated. The next job of the country is to rebuild the destroyed South, and the government's plan is to rebuild.

The rebuilding period in the south is the period of social rebuilding, its size did not appear in American history. The rebuilding era occurred after the civil war that lasted from until The era of reconstruction brought about the era of martial law, social consciousness changed to slavery and African-Americans, new North-South rights. Liberated slaves, people in the north, and people in the south of the south, all have different views on this. The main purpose of the reconstruction and reconstruction of the United States is to reunify the South with the alliance and to determine the status of free people in American society.

The era of reconstruction is characterized by political conflict, not violent conflict.

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Several historical myths are that the southern part is a victim of reconstruction, and various reconstruction plans are corrupt and injustice. In fact, these plans are very generous to perform military rule in a very short time Reconstruction is sometimes considered good as it helps newly released African-American and recently deprived Caucasian Southerners. But it also caused tension and indignation not only between the white and the black but also between the southern and the northern, and when the reconstruction was over, the whites returned.

The era of reconstruction was always a challenge of teaching. First of all, this is a big political complexity and a widespread influential period. A rough survey of reconstruction will never be satisfactory, but a more comprehensive approach to reconstruction may be like sand - it is easy to get in but it is impossible to remove. Secondly, students may have some preconceptions about the major problems of reconstruction and reconstruction, but it is important to reconstruct chronology and reconstruction is a continuing discussion period in the United States It is also important to understand something.

Who are Americans, the rights that all Americans should have, and the kinds of rights that Americans possess. In short, Americans are making intense debate about the nature of freedom and equality. Reconstruction was between and when the United States focused on the abolition of slavery, the destruction of the Union, the reconstruction of the state and constitution, and the history of the Civil War from to Homework for me One-stop solution for students in need of homework help.

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Essay on Was The Reconstruction A Success Or A Failure

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